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Arizona weather has two distinct seasons, each with different precipitation patterns. There are wetter months and drier months. The wetter season lasts about 7.5 months and has the highest number of days Hibooz with at least 0.04 inches of rain. October has the most precipitation with an average of 12.6 days of rainy weather. The drier months last about 4.5 months and have lower average precipitation.

Arizona weather is characterized by two distinct climates: the lower desert region has hot, dry weather while the high desert area experiences mild winters. In the lower desert, temperatures are hot and dry and fashionnowdays the lowest temperature during the night is 64degF (18degC). The higher-elevation areas of the state have colder winters, with nighttime temperatures dropping as low as 32degF (0degC). In Flagstaff, temperatures drop to 32degF during the winter months, but are pleasant throughout the year.

The average hourly wind speed in Arizona varies from 4.7 miles per hour to more than 5.3 miles per hour. The windiest months are July and August, and the calmest months are September and June. Depending on the topography and location, wind speeds in Arizona vary much more than hourly averages.

The fall months of September and 1xbitc October are generally mild and offer comfortable temperatures for hiking and exploring the red rock country. Early autumn is a great time to visit Petrified Forest National Park. The cooler temperatures and plenty of water make hiking around the park safer. The fall months are also ideal for apple picking in Sedona, and the Red Rocks Music Festival takes place in October. During this time, you can enjoy chamber orchestra concerts and enjoy the beautiful fall colors.