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The Bengals have a bye week to xfire recover from the Chiefs’ humiliation, and the Raiders should put that embarrassing loss behind them. Both teams rank near the bottom of the DVOA in points allowed per game, and the Raiders could hang with them, but they’re also the better team.

The Raiders haven’t advanced beyond the Wild thoughtco Card round since 2002. They’ve won just one postseason game since their run to the Super Bowl in 2002. They were defeated by the Texans in their season opener, and they’re a six-point underdog in this matchup. The Bengals’ homefield advantage and their recent history besteducationweb of beating the Raiders should help them take this game.

The Bengals’ offense is the best in the NFL. They averaged 11.1 yards per targeted pass attempt, and they had a 10.8% touchdown rate against man coverage. Meanwhile, the Raiders averaged only 7.5 yards per targeted pass attempt and only a 3% touchdown rate against zone coverage. hdnewspagal

Despite their win-loss record, the Bengals have won four of their last five matchups. This means that they’re due for a bounce-back game. Meanwhile, the Raiders have struggled to find consistency this year and have too many distractions around them. For that reason, we’re predicting the Bengals to win this one. 52av